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The Latest and Greatest:

Picture #1: Baby's Profile. I insist that he or she has inherited Justin's bone structure. Upon reading that at this stage of development babies often appear wrinkled and somewhat like an old man, Justin agrees with me.

Picture #2: Another Profile. If you look carefully, baby almost appears to be sucking his or her thumb- or getting ready to move around yet again. We may have a photogenic baby, but it will be tough getting him or her to hold still!

Picture #3: Baby's Right Hand. As you can see, development is already well under way. Not only are those tiny little finger bones already formed, but we got to see baby's brain, facial structure, blood flow, and more! We're halfway there!

Picture #4: Baby or Beachball? This one was taken when our lab technician was measuring baby's circumference. They tell me everything checks out as perfectly healthy and normal, and in about 20 more weeks I'll be giving birth to a bouncing ball- or an 8 lb. baby!

QUICK UPDATE: 11-13-2007: Dr. Fleming says that he will take some time to do another ultrasound at our next appointment in December. This will be primarily to protect his reputation as a doctor who is almost NEVER wrong about baby's gender- we would all (including Dr. Fleming) like an answer to the boy/girl question. For now, though, refrain from buying any gender specific clothing! We really just don't know what we're having!

QUICK UPDATE: 11-05-2007: Justin and I had our second ultrasound, right around the 19-20 week mark. Because of a new policy with the St. Joseph Mercy Health System, we are no longer allowed to take video of the ultrasounds being performed in the lab, so bear with us until we can find a way to get more video for you! We will get our official results back at our appointment with Dr. Fleming on Friday afternoon, but so far everything looks healthy. We can already feel the baby moving, and it seems like he or she is on the go almost all the time. I will probably have trouble sleeping later on, but they tell me it's all worth it in the end.

The biggest surprise? Conflicting reports on our baby boy or girl! We really just don't know anymore whether we'll end up with a Landon James or a Moira Katleen. Obviously we're happy as long as baby is healthy. We will try to keep the updates coming- and go ahead and try the addicting games down at the bottom of the screen!

This is the first video taken of our little bundle of joy, now updated with sound (along with video from before and after the ultrasound). You can hear our doctor giving commentary while Justin records- but be forewarned! If you listen to the tape, you will find out whether it is a boy or a girl! As you can see, the baby knew the camera was on, and decided to perform. Only 10 weeks, 6 days old and already jumping and dancing just like a star. Dr. Fleming of the Caritas Center for Women's Health estimates our due date for March 29, 2008. (This was a surprise for us, as we thought we were due in mid-April). Dr. Fleming managed some very clear ultrasound video for us; we could see not only the movement of the baby, but also facial structure, arms and legs, and a little heartbeat! We will have our latest pictures (and hopefully some updated video, too) for you soon!